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Travel Acapulco MexicoTravel Acapulco Mexico has attracted millions of tourist to Mexico. It's landscape caters to all taste and preferences. Travelers are marveled by its tropical beaches, mountainside views and jungle scenes. Its natural diversity allows one to choose from varies exotic resorts. Acapulco has been a getaway heaven to movie stars for over 50 years. Acapulco is 229 miles southwest of Mexico City along the Pacific ocean. This region has the oldest and newest resort towns. Acapulco the oldest and biggest while newly developed ones are Huatulco, Ixtapa and Puerto Escondido.

Acapulco Mexico has sun 365 days a year. The day last 24 hours, non-stop. Resorts offer sun and relaxation, the city offers the music, museums shopping and sports. It's a city that never sleeps. The Acapulco Bay Area covers over four miles of beach shoreline. Most activities are at the beach, though the downtown area is full of life. Acapulco is home to cliff diving.

It carries a carnival style atmosphere every day. Acapulco is the largest, loudest Mexico with over 300 hotels and dozens of affordable beachfront hotels and motels. Viva Mexico!

Acapulco has its own airport which allows major airlines to land all day. If you plan to visit Mexico City, you have two highways. Driving time varies between 4 - 6 hours depending on which highway you prefer. Acapulco Hotels

Acapulco Mexico - One of the main attractions has remained unchanged through time; traditional Acapulco continues to be an ideal place to stroll. You can visit the Fuerte de San Diego, which served as protection against the attacks of dangerous buccaneers in times when pirates were a common threat; La Isla de la Roqueta, with its Aca-Zoo, a small zoo with some native species; El Zócalo, with its well-known, curiously designed Cathedral; La Quebrada, and its daring divers; or the Playas de Caleta y Caletilla, popular with Acapulco locals. The activities in this district tend to be fun and cheap.

Travel Acapulco MexicoThe Zona Dorada ("Golden Area"), one of the largest districts in Acapulco, extends itself throughout the Avenida Miguel Alemán, also called Costera. If you're taking the panoramic road towards la Quebrada, you will find a district called Pie de la Cuesta, a small fishing village, famous for offering some of the most glorious sunsets you're ever likely to see. People travel from all over Acapulco just to catch a glimpse of this wonderful display. Bahía de Puerto Marques is the other district that nature seems to have blessed: natural charm and postcard sceneries abound.

La Quebrada, Acapulco’s most famous attraction began in 1934, when brave young boys would wow tourists by diving over 100 feet off the steep cliffs into a narrow canal 12 feet wide by 21 feet deep. Today the performers wait for a wave and then dive 130 feet into the surf. The show may be viewed from an observation deck, or if you enjoy dinner at the Plaza Las Glorias hotel, you can watch the show while you eat.

The international airport, is located near hotel complexes and all-inclusive resorts. The Fairmont Acapulco Princess, Hotel Mayan Palace (Vidafel) and Tres Vidas, towards the Laguna de Tres Palos. M. Avalos

Acapulco is known for its nightlife, it is also increasingly being recognized for its world-class golf and spa offerings. The Tianguis Golf & Spa trade show took place October 19 to 22 2003 at the prestigious Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel to promote Mexico as the world's greatest golf and spa destination. The Acapulco Convention Center, one of Mexico’s most important venues for meetings and conventions, is home to Mexico’s famous annual tourism trade show, the Tourism Tianguis.

Travel Acapulco Mexico Last but not least, Acapulco offers a tremendous array of lodging options, from inns (posadas) to luxury hotels. The exclusive Las Brisas resort offers 263 guest houses with private or semi-private pools as well as breathtaking views of Acapulco Bay and/or the Pacific Ocean. The historic Villa Vera, meanwhile, is an oasis of exotically-designed white houses, suites and villas decorated in contemporary Mexican-Mediterranean style.

A two-hour drive northeast of Acapulco leads visitors to the beautiful colonial mining town of Taxco, which offers the best selection of silver at excellent prices.

The Mexico Tourism Tianguis 2005 (Tianguis Turistico Mexico 2005)—the country’s largest tourism trade fair--will once again convert the Pacific resort city of Acapulco into a one-stop shop for tourism industry representatives looking to assemble travel packages to Mexico.

Hundreds of international tour operators, travel agents and other travel industry representatives are expected to descend on the Acapulco International Center April 10 to 13 to interact with Mexican travel suppliers for four intense days of learning about and purchasing the country’s vast array of tourism products and services, attending seminars, networking events and one-on-one appointments.


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