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Puerto Escondido Mexico Puerto Escondido, Mexico -For several decades now, this Pacific port has been a favorite choice for Mexican and foreigners alike during any school holiday. You can stay at the small village hotels or go directly to the camping areas where you will find everything you need and just have to think about how to organize your time to get the best out of these wonderful beaches. All levels of surfing are possible, either in Marineros, Colotepe or the experts’ favorite, Zicatela. If you’re not a surfer, there are several other water and beach sports available and you will be captivated by the stunning underwater landscape even if you only have a mask. Walks, cycling, horseback riding and afternoons on the strip of fine sands will combine perfectly with time spent at one of the village cafés or in one of the thatched shelters listening to music.

Although still a fishing village, Puerto Escondido is now also a tourist magnet. Its jade green waters that have earned it the nickname of the Emerald Coast, together with its impressive waves, have attracted the notice of local and foreign visitors alike.

Puerto Escondido beaches have varying types of sand, waves and rocky slopes, extend for 500 m. Playa Principal is a calm inlet with umbrellas and changing rooms which is extremely popular among Mexican tourists. Marineros is the ideal beach for novice surfers while Zicatela, with its rough waves, is only recommended for experts. Barra de Colotepec is a turtle zone, although you can also surf there. Bacocho is an open beach with gentle slopes and waves that is ideal for diving, while Playa Embarcadero has calm waves suitable for skiing and sailing. Carrizalillo, an almost closed bay, is perfect for swimming and boat trips.

Travel Puerto Escondido Mexico A few kilometers from the port lies the Turtle Assistance Ecological Camp, run by volunteers to protect this species. As far as services are concerned, Puerto Escondido has comfortable hotels with tennis courts, jacuzzi, and convention halls, a crafts market and restaurants specializing in fish and seafood.

Founded in 1928 to ship coffee, Puerto Escondido took its name from the rocks known as "Punta Escondida." It was not until the coast road was built in the 1960?s however, that tourism began to develop, increasing further with the opening of a small airport in the 1980?s. Nowadays it receives a steady flow of visitors, particularly during the Mexican vacation periods.

It is located 324 km south of the city of Oaxaca and 110 km west of Huatulco Bay along Federal Highway No. 200, which bisects the state, leaving the town on one side and the hotel zone on the other.

Oaxaca's coast boasts several remarkable natural attractions, because of its scenic beauty and extraordinary bays with calm waters and pleasant tropical climate. Its beaches have fine, white sand, offering visitors privacy and tranquillity as well as a range of water sports.
Bacocho Beach - The soft waves and the blue-green water caress black rocks before breaking on the fine, gray-colored sand of this gently inclined beach that is bordered by palm trees and thorny underbrush. There are hotels, restaurants, and facilities for renting water sports equipment and horses. Embarcadero
Puerto Escondido - This beach is ideal for skiing and sailing, and offers trained instructors on site.
Puerto Angelito - Puerto Angelito is a sort of beautiful natural pool, since its enclosed shape and clear waters make it ideal for gentle swimming. Professional swimmers seeking more of a challenge will find waves of all sizes on the beaches.
Zicatela Beach -Zicatel is one of the most popular beaches, whose tube-shaped waves reaching heights of up to 8 meters have made it world famous. According to the experts, this beach has a suitability level of 4 for all levels of surfing. International surfing tournaments are held here in August and November

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