Visit Acapulco Mexico Travel
Acapulco is one Mexico’s most important and famous beach resorts. It is located on the Pacific coast, 245 miles from Mexico City and 83 miles from Chilpancingo, the state capital of Guerrero. It has a warm, humid climate with temperatures ranging from 72º F to 91º F with sunny days throughout the year.
Acapulco Mexico Beaches
Acapulco has more than 11 miles of beaches. On them, from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta, you can do all sorts of activities: aquatic sports, diving or simply basking in the sun on what many people consider Mexico’s most popular beaches.
Acapulco Outdoor Activities
Acapulco offers large canyons, rivers, and one of the steepest mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur range, and a group of rocks that have human figures carved onto them, making the area ideal for hiking and trekking. In many of these places, you can also do some rock climbing and cave exploring. To compliment this, some of the beaches offer romantic horseback rides.
Acapulco Extreme Sports
Acapulco Extreme Sports enthusiasts, Acapulco offers a wide variety of both safe and thrilling options: on most beaches, you can rent waverunners that accommodate two or more people, hire a boat for water-skiing, or soar high above on a parasail. You can even take the adrenaline fueled plunge on a bungee jump or swing from a perch on the beach’s famous Skycoaster. If you’re looking for a high-speed adventure, we recommend a speedboat tour of the bay or a nearby lagoon.