The Sea of Cortes Baja
The Sea of Cortes Baja Mexico - Known as "the world’s aquarium", the Sea of Cortés is one of the most fascinating places in the world thanks to the tremendous number of different species that live in its profundities and to the surprising natural occurrences that take place there.
Tijuana Rosarito Ensenada Baja Tourism Office
Tijuana Rosarito Ensenada Baja Tourism OfficeTijuana Convention and Visitors Bureau:
011-52-664-684-0537 or -684-0481 or 634-6330
Toll Free from the U.S. (888) 775-2417

Rosarito Convention and Visitors Bureau:
011-52-661-612-5222 or (800) 962-2252

Ensenada State Tourism Office:
011-52-646-172-3022 or (800) 310-9687

Baja California State Tourism Office:

011-52-664-634-6330, -634-6918 or -634-6574
Toll Free from the U.S. (888) 775-2417
Shopping in Baja California Mexico
Shopping in Baja California MexicoBaja California Popular Buys - Leather tops the list of Baja buys. Jackets, boots, briefcases, belts, handbags, wallets and virtually all other quality leather items run about half of stateside prices. Designer leather rip-off items are offered with outrageous savings as well. Home furnishings are excellent deals, as are fine arts and crafts. The same colorful, unusual and exotic Mexican artisan works, handmade furniture and home decorations seen stateside in expensive decorator or import shops can run 1/3 to 1/2 of U.S. prices.

Some rock bottom proced / beat buys throughout the border area are sterling silver; duty-free imports from Europe, including name-brand cosmetics and perfumes; high-quality pottery and gardenware; wovenware, from baskets and blankets to handmade hammocks and Zapotec rugs; and, of course, booze.
About Mexicali Mexico
About Mexicali Mexico - Mexicali is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California. Mexicali is also the seat of the Municipality of Mexicali. Mexicali is situated on the U.S. Mexico border adjacent to Calexico and is the northernmost city in Latin America.
The Mexicali Cachanillas
The Mexicali Cachanillas - The residents of Mexicali (Mexicalenses) call themselves "Cachanillas" (due to a local plant, the cachanilla, used by the Cucapah tribe to build shacks) and are from culturally diverse backgrounds, and it is among the most ethnically diverse cities in Mexico, with people from various Native American, European, African, (east) Asian, and Middle Eastern origins.