Shopping in Baja California Mexico
Shopping in Baja California MexicoBaja California Popular Buys - Leather tops the list of Baja buys. Jackets, boots, briefcases, belts, handbags, wallets and virtually all other quality leather items run about half of stateside prices. Designer leather rip-off items are offered with outrageous savings as well. Home furnishings are excellent deals, as are fine arts and crafts. The same colorful, unusual and exotic Mexican artisan works, handmade furniture and home decorations seen stateside in expensive decorator or import shops can run 1/3 to 1/2 of U.S. prices.

Some rock bottom proced / beat buys throughout the border area are sterling silver; duty-free imports from Europe, including name-brand cosmetics and perfumes; high-quality pottery and gardenware; wovenware, from baskets and blankets to handmade hammocks and Zapotec rugs; and, of course, booze.

Where to Shop in Baja California Mexico - For some quality and variety you should drive acrood the Mexico U.S. border to Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada... they are Baja's best shopping locations, located 5 minutes, 20 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively, from the California San Ysidro Tijuana border.

Shopping in Baja California MexicoTijuana's Avenida Revolucion is a 10-minute stroll or a five-minute cab ride from the border. There you'll find an overwhelming eight-block strip of stores, stalls, arcades and underground passageways filled with bargains from all around the globe.

All of Rosarito's excellent shopping locations can be found along Boulevard Benito Juarez, the laid-back beach resort's main street. Shops at the north, center and south areas of town are walkable clusters, and free street parking is easy to find everywhere. The Rosarito Beach Hotel's shopping arcade, located at the south end of town, has numerous high-quality shops and art galleries.

The city's large arts and crafts mercado, with almost 100 stalls, is just a short stroll up the main street, beginning next to the El Nido restaurant. Immediately south of town, you'll find a miracle mile of pottery, gardenware, Guadalajara-cement statues and fountains, curios and rug and blanket weavers in an interesting mix of roadside shops. Currently, crews are widening this section of the road to allow for four lanes of bargain-hunting traffic, so while it's a rough ride now it will soon be much easier to navigate.

Rosarito's main street is also, by far, the best place on the entire 1,000-mile Baja peninsula to buy Mexican furniture. Southwestern, pigskin, wrought-iron, hacienda, willow, hand-carved and hand-painted furniture, plus custom pieces, are all made locally. The selection is vast, and specialty shops dot both sides of the street for the full length of the city.

Mexico's cruise port Ensenada BC - To accommodate cruise-ship passengers on regular two- or three-hour layovers, shopping is conveniently concentrated along a single street, Boulevard Lopez Mateos. Located just a block from the waterfront, this eight-block shoppers' strip runs between Avenida Ruiz at the north end of town to Avenida Castillo near the riverbed.

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