The Sea of Cortes Baja
The Sea of Cortes Baja Mexico - Known as "the world’s aquarium", the Sea of Cortés is one of the most fascinating places in the world thanks to the tremendous number of different species that live in its profundities and to the surprising natural occurrences that take place there. The Sea of Cortes Baja Mexico

One of the most impressive regions in the world, the Sea of Cortés is also known as "the world’s aquarium" due to its abundant and exotic species which have fascinated thousands of scientists, including the world-famous Jacques Cousteau.

The Sea of Cortés is a fertile ecosystem where you can find almost everything from primitive micro-organisms to dolphins, sharks and coral reefs, like the one in Cabo Pulmo, 63 km to north-east from Los Cabos, Baja California. Its warm waters are also the migratory destination for the gigantic grey whales that come to give birth there every year. The Sea of Cortés provides 70% of the annual fishing production of Mexico.

Its waters contain great quantities of tuna fish, grouper and sardines and it is also very favorable for fishermen, who are after shrimp, lobster, octopus and squid. In the profundities of "the world’s aquarium" one can observe curious natural phenomena, like the great streams of hot water that gush forth from submarine chimneys, as well as the fantastic cascades of sand which are submarine slides of rocks and other minerals skidding towards the bottom of the sea.