About Mexicali Mexico
About Mexicali Mexico - Mexicali is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California. Mexicali is also the seat of the Municipality of Mexicali. Mexicali is situated on the U.S. Mexico border adjacent to Calexico and is the northernmost city in Latin America.
The Mexicali Cachanillas
The Mexicali Cachanillas - The residents of Mexicali (Mexicalenses) call themselves "Cachanillas" (due to a local plant, the cachanilla, used by the Cucapah tribe to build shacks) and are from culturally diverse backgrounds, and it is among the most ethnically diverse cities in Mexico, with people from various Native American, European, African, (east) Asian, and Middle Eastern origins.
Chinesca Mexicali Chinatown
Chinesca Mexicali Chinatown - The city claims to have the largest per capita concentration of residents of Chinese origin, around 5,000. While this does not compare to U.S. cities like San Francisco or New York, early in the 20th century Mexicali was numerically and culturally more Chinese than Mexican. The Chinese arrived to the area as laborers for the Colorado River Land Company, an American enterprise which designed and built an extensive irrigation system in the Valley of Mexicali. Some immigrants came from the United States, often fleeing anti-Chinese policies there, while others sailed directly from China. Thousands of Chinese were lured to the area by the promise of high wages, but for most that never materialised.