The Mexicali Cachanillas
The Mexicali Cachanillas - The residents of Mexicali (Mexicalenses) call themselves "Cachanillas" (due to a local plant, the cachanilla, used by the Cucapah tribe to build shacks) and are from culturally diverse backgrounds, and it is among the most ethnically diverse cities in Mexico, with people from various Native American, European, African, (east) Asian, and Middle Eastern origins.

Mexicali MexicoThere is a very popular song called “Puro Cachanilla” also known as “El Cachanilla” that identifies people from Mexicali.

Mexicali possesses a diversity of shopping malls, the most visited being Plaza La Cachanilla, located just a few minutes away from the US border. The mall hosts a variety of shops, which sell a wide array of things, ranging from cheap Mexican curiosities to expensive imports. The Plaza La Cachanilla also represents a common place for people to socialize, especially during summer days when the weather reaches high temperatures, many families come and spend the day inside the air conditioned mall.

Just about everything for recreation can be found in Mexicali, including pool halls, bowling alleys, traditional cantinas, car clubs, full contact strip clubs, movie theaters, museums, a zoo, a state university, a convention center, supermarkets, and fast food restaurants.

Also is a mall called Galerias del Valle, is anchored by WalMart Supercenter, 12 screen movie theater Cinepolis and Ashley Furniture is located in Lazaro Cardenas and calle 11, some of the restaurants are Carls's Jr, Applebees, Starbucks Coffe, Vips and Burger King, also has a food court.

Mexicali is well known for its extreme weather. The highest temperature recorded in Mexicali was 52°C (about 125°F) in July 1995. Average July highs hover around 42°C (107°F). On the other hand, winter normals are quite low, with average January lows of 5°C (41°F) and a record low of -8°C (18°F) recorded in January 1949. The city received snow only once in recorded history, in December 1932.