What to do in Ensenada Baja California Mexico

What to do in Ensenada Baja California MexicoThings to do in Ensenada Baja California - The gray whale is the most common species seen near the coast of Baja. Other whales are present but tend to seek deeper waters while the gray whale's swim in shallow waters seeking Baja's many laggons for calving. The Baja California coastline is teeming with whales during the calving season from late november to late march. The greatest number can be seen in february

La Bufadora
- An amazing natural blowhole spouting seawater 70 feet into the air. Newly renovated with botanical gardens and various observation decks, several with handicapped access. 22 miles south of Ensenada near the tip of Punta Banda peninsula. Small parking fee.

El Parque Nacional Constitucion De 1957 - A national park in the sierra de Juarez with Laguna Hanson, a scenic lake surrounded by pine forests, unusual rock formations and excellent primitive campsites on its western shore. Small entrance fee; no facilities; rustic cabin rentals. Best access is via the 20-mile dirt road just east of Km. 55 on Highway 3 to Ojos Negros/San Felipe.

Parque Nacional Sierra De San Pedro Martir - The larger of Baja California’s two national parks with the Mexican National Observatory located near the peninsula’s highest peak, the 10,154 ft. Picacho del Diablo. This unspoiled wilderness is an ideal setting for hiking, backpacking and primitive camping. Small entrance fee; no facilities. Access via a 65-mile dirt road from San Telmo de Abajo, 80 miles south of Ensenada on the Transpeninsular Highway.

Catavina Cave Paintings - The most easily accessible of Baja’s primitive rock art, thought to be 600 to 1000 years old. Vivid geometric and abstract pictographs cover the walls and ceiling of a small cave two miles north of Catavina near Km. 170 on the Transpeninsular Highway.

Ensenada Baja California MexicoRancho Rodeo Del Rey - 242 Guadalupe Victoria Ave.
Cabins, restaurant, outdoor activities in the Sierra
Phone: (01152646) 177-2495 and 176-3116/ for reservations

Rancho Buenaventura - Doña Petra Canyon by Ruiz Ave.
Camping, horse riding, bathrooms

Rancho Aguacaliente - Kilometer 26 Ensenada San Felipe Highway
Small 29 room hotel, roman baths, electricty, camping areas,restaurant
Phone: (01152646) 684-0627 or 684-0628

Rancho Ensenada - Kilometer 9.6 Ensenada San Felipe Highway
Lodging w/all services,jacuzzi,restaurant-bar,camping,horseriding,more
Phone: (714) 650-4444

Rancho Gongora - Kilometer 55.2 Ensenada San Felipe Highway
Located at Sierra Juarez, 6 person cabins,camping, pool, baths,childrens park
Phone: (011-52-646) 172-2101

Ensenada Baja California MexicoRancho Pino Colorado - Kilometer 55.2 Ensenada San Felipe Highway
Located at Sierra Juarez, two cabins for 15 persons, 2 rustic cabins,camping area,baths and showers
Phone: (01152646) 176-2161

Rancho Los Casian - Kilometer 43.5 Ensenada San Felipe Highway
Artificial lake for Fishing, pool, baths and showers, horseriding,camping,equiped spaces for motorhomes

Rancho Bocana de Santo Tomas - Kilometer 152 Transpeninsular Highway
Located coastside at Santo Tomas Port, 10 cabins all services, camping

Rancho Mikes Sky - In the San Telmo Zone,transpeninsular highway on side road to National Astrological Observatory 27 cabins with complete services, horserding, camping
Phone: (01152646) 681-5514

Rancho Meling - In the San Telmo Zone,transpeninsular highway
Lodging with complete services, fishing lake, horseriding, small aircraft airport


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