Shopping Mexico Handcrafts
About Mexican Handicrafts and Where to Shop in Mexico - Mexico is a shopper’s wonderland, and thousands travel to Mexico each year to find unique gifts for friends and family. Mexico has it all: from traditional handicrafts to contemporary art, the country is a virtual goldmine when it comes to finding out-of-the-ordinary gifts, and Mexico's outdoor fairs, handicrafts stores and upscale shopping malls provide countless possibilities.
Mexican Foods Mexican Drinks
Learn About Mexico Foods and Mexico Beverages - Mexican cuisine is much more than tacos, refried beans, guacamole and quesadillas. Due to its geographical diversity, Mexico has countless varieties of vegetables, fruits, animals and fish to choose from. Mexico’s cuisine is also intimately linked with its history, representing an eclectic blend of prehispanic, colonial and modern-day influences.
U.S. Border Crossing Telephones
List of U.S. and Mexico Border Crossing Telephone Numbers.