Events at Loreto Mexico
Events at Loreto MexicoFiestas de la Virgen de Loreto. The Our Lady of Loreto Festivities are celebrated on September 8. It's a series of religious, civic and cultural events.
Fiestas de la Fundación de Loreto. The foundation of the city is celebrated from October 19 to 25th. It's one of the most important cultural events in the state.
Fiestas de San Javier. The festivities from December 1 to 3th are in honor of Saint Francis Xavier, patron saint from the neighbor town of San Javier. These festivities attract a lot of pilgrims from the peninsula.
Loreto 400. An off-road racing event that takes place in September. The course is a classic desert offroad race which route includes Comondú, San Javier and the old towns of La Giganta mountain range.
Loreto 300 milles. Off-road racing event. December.
Torneo de las Misiones. Fishing Charity Tournament that started in 1993. The 2007 edition will be July 12th-14th.
Loreto Dorado International Fishing Tournament. Takes place in July.
Copa Dorado Tournament. State tournament in September.
Governor's Cup Fishing Tournament. May