Loreto BC Mexico Fishing
About Loreto Mexico Fishing - Loreto has a reputation as an excellent point for sport fishing. This is its main tourist attraction and the main source for jobs.

Loreto BC Mexico FishingIt has two well-know fishing seasons:
Summer, distinguished by the “dorado” and other species like marlin (black marlin, Atlantic blue marlin and striped marlin) and sailfish, ideal for the fly fishing techniques;
Winter, distinguished by the “yellow tail” (jurel) and other species that usually are deep in the sea rocks.
Additionally to the seasonal species, Loreto's waters are home of other species like snapper and seabass, which are found all year long. Thanks to this abundance, Loreto has been home of several IGFA records. The two “foundations” of the Loreto’s sport fishing are the “dorado” and the “yellow tail” (Seriola lalandi dorsalis).

The dorado is the emblematic species of Loreto, it likes the warm waters, and its season begins in late May, peaks from July to September, and comes to an end in November. Two important tournaments are celebrated within this season in July and September. The yellow tail is one of the strongest species; its season begins in November, peaks from March to April, and comes to an end in late May.