Travel Loreto Baja California Mexico
Loreto Baja California - Loreto is a cute small town on the baja peninsula. A GEM getaway to dream of. Loreto is off to the side of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain. Baja's best destination for a variety of "how" when" where" mountains and sea meet so gracefully while surrounded by small islands in the Sea of Cortez.

Travel Loreto Baja California MexicoLoreto BC has plenty of fishing in its history and a quaint downtown where you can walk to everything. The Sea of Cortez is like a aquamarine aquarium: dolphins and giant manta rays are common sights, as are whale sharks which are enormous, but harmless; blue whales, grays and sperm whales surface and blow.

The uninhabited offshore islands change constantly with the different slants of the sun and are a photographer’s delight at sunrise and sunset. The islands are close enough to kayak to and offer sandy coves, superb snorkeling, diving, hiking, endless exploring and wilderness camping for the environmentally correct. As do the oh-so-close Sierra de la Gigantas. Mountain biking is big these days, too, but you don’t have to bring your own. The Nopolo Sport Center just south of town offers just about everything you’ll need for golf, tennis or other activities, but most local hotels can also arrange for whatever you fancy, land or sea. Shoppers may not find Loreto the mecca that Tijuana is and that Cabo is becoming, but most Mexican arts and crafts are well represented in the curio shops in the heart of the downtown area. Leather, ceramics, fine silver, woodcarvings and a growing number of art galleries are all there for late afternoon browsing.

Travel Loreto Baja California MexicoFor outsiders, though, the love for little Loreto began with fishing, and it’s still the town’s main draw. Record marlin, tuna and dorado keep the fishermen coming back again and again. There’s hardly even an off season: yellowtail run all winter; marlin and sailfish run all summer; red snapper and cabrillo await your bait pretty much all year round. And, no matter what the weather or winds, the offshore islands offer sheltered havens that make everyday a perfect one for anglers.

Whatever your sport, whatever your leisure fantasy, a trip to one of the five area islands is a must. While the clean, sandy beaches near Loreto are a warm brown in color, the island beaches are white, white, white. Puerto Balandra, on Isla del Carmen, even has sand dunes to frolic in and well-marked hiking trails. Kayak out on your own or arrange to be dropped for the day with a picnic lunch, your snorkel gear and sun screen. Or set up a trip to Isla Monsarrat to see the sea lions. Whichever island you choose, chances are you’ll have an entire cove or beach all to yourself. The waters around the islands are pristine and have been declared an underwater preserve by the Mexican government, assuring that their beauty and marine life will remain for your grandchildren to visit and enjoy.


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