Travel to Loreto Mexico
Travel to Loreto Mexico - Loreto Mexico is located between the Sierra de la Giganta mountains and the sparkling Sea of Cortez, Loreto features 155 miles of breathtaking coastline, 456 square miles of sparkling sea and five remote islands: Coronado, Del Carmen, Danzante, Monserrat and Santa Catalina, which further enhance the awe-inspiring, panoramic seascape seen from Loreto’s shore.

Travel to Loreto MexicoBountiful with teems of aquatic life, the Sea of Cortez offers a diverse range of water-related activities, including whale and turtle watching, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and sport fishing. On-land favorites, meanwhile, include island hiking, mule trekking to visit ancient cave paintings, watching local artisans at work and just admiring Loreto’s charming town.

Established in 1996 to protect the sea’s varied ecosystems and rich marine life, the Loreto Bay National Marine Park, a "must do" on every traveler’s list, features diverse habitats, from white sand beaches to rocky areas and marine canyons, as well as more than 3,000 species of aquatic life, including dolphins, sea lions and blue, fin and humpback whales. Travelers are able to explore all that the Loreto Bay National Marine Park has to offer without harming the environment, thanks to the park’s licensed, eco-friendly tour operators.

Once dubbed the "world’s aquarium" by Jacques Cousteau for its schools of blue marlin, yellowtail and super pangas, Loreto also offers some of the best sport fishing in all of Mexico and attracts sports fisherman from all over the world. The destination features the country’s largest natural marina, Puerto Escondido, serving as Loreto’s gateway to the Sea of Cortez and offering a safe haven for a multitude of power, fishing and sail boats.

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