Guaymas Sonora Mexico

The city of Guaymas is located in the southwest part of the state of Sonora, Mexico. The city is roughly 60 miles south of the state capital of Hermosillo, and 242 miles from the United States border, and is the principal port for the state. The municipality is located in the Sonora Desert and has a hot, dry climate and 117km of beaches. The municipality’s formal name is Guaymas de Zaragoza and the city’s formal name is the Heróica Ciudad de Guaymas.

The city proper is mostly an industrial port, with nearby San Carlos being the major tourist attraction for its beaches. The city also has a well-attended annual carnival, which has been held since 1888

Guaymas is basically an industrial and shrimp-fishing port which has conserved a number of historical attractions. Buildings in the historic center have a mix of Neoclassical and Moorish facades, however many are in disrepair. The city has two main plazas, one called 13 de Julio, which is nicknamed the “plaza de los flojos” (lazy men’s plaza) for the large number of people who relax there.[4] In the 13 de Julio Plaza there is a monument commemorating the defense of Guaymas by General José María Yáñez against a French incursion in 1854. The most famous person in this plaza is León Riso, who has spent fifty-five years here selling homemade ice cream. The Moorish style kiosk in the center has deteriorated due to the humidity. The town’s two main churches, San Francisco, built in the 19th century and Sagrado Corazon face this plaza.


The other major plaza is the Plaza de los Tres Presidentes with statues of Plutarco Elías Calles, Adolfo Huerta and Abelardo Rodríguez all of whom are Guaymas. Facing this plaza is the Municipal Palace, built and a small concrete pier with the Statue of the Fisherman, on which is the lyrics of the song “La Barca de Guaymas.” This statue is considered to be emblematic to the city.

Other landmarks include the old Bank of Sonora building with its Neoclassical facade, the old jailhouse built in 1900, the Casa de las Conchas (House of Shells), and the Casa de Cultura (Cultural Center), which offers classes and workshops in various arts.

Institutes of higher education in the city include the Instituto Tecnológico de Guaymas, the Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora, Guaymas and the Universidad TecMilenio Guaymas.

Baseball is a popular sport in this city. The local professional team is called the Ostioneros. The city has ferry service to Santa Rosalía, B.C. and an international airport. As it is between the sea and ranching country, the city’s cuisine includes both seafood and beef specialties such as fish tacos and carne asada.