Obregon Sonora Mexico

Ciudad Obregon is the agricultural capital and the second largest city in the state of Sonora, with a population of around 450,000 people.

Food is a very important culture in the city, which accommodates a wide variety of international and traditional Mexican restaurants and food outlets. There are ample tourist attractions to suite everybody and as the city is surrounded by scenic mountain views and the warm Sea Of Cortez, it is becoming a very popular all-year-round Mexico tourist destination.

Ciudad Obregon has its own international airport which receives flights from most major Mexican cities and from Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles USA. If you are travelling from most European destinations, you’re flight will probably involve a transfer from Mexico City Airport to Ciudad Obregon using Aeromexico Connect who provides four daily flights between Mexico City and Ciudad Obregon.

The Federal Highway 15 passes through the centre of Ciudad Obregon and is the main road that runs from the Nogales U.S. Mexico border all the way to Mexico City. The highway provides a 4-lane traffic system, which is very well paved. Between various towns and cities on your journey to Ciudad Obregon, you will find several toll roads. The toll roads provide the safest way to travel by road vehicle and present the best conditions collect fees that go towards maintaining the road conditions.
If you are bringing a car in from the United States of America, or Canada (including rental vehicles) you will need to have insurance through a Mexican company, if you have an accident call these companies immediately, in most cases a representative from the insurance company will be dispatched to the scene of the accident, be prepared to wait for them, though no more than 2 hours,. Ciudad Obregon is about 9 hours drive from Phoenix Arizona and 7 hours form Nogales.

There are several bus companies that provide services from within Arizona, USA and several main cities within Mexico. Buses are usually very well equipped and provide one of the safest methods of transport between cities. You will find that most buses have onboard entertainment, airconditioning and toilet facilities. Buses tend to stop for 15 minutes between destinations allowing passengers time to purchase refreshments from the various bus depot kiosks.

There are several care hire companies in Ciudad Obregon, including international companies such has Hertz. Car hire prices tend to be similar to what you would expect to pay in America and Europe and usually include insurance. To hire a car is straight forward providing you are 25 or over, have a valid driver’s licence and a credit card

The Yaquis Museum provides a very interesting and educational day out for people of all ages where they can learn everything the famous Yaqui Indian tribe.

Casa Rosalva Casa Rosalva is a permanent forum for artistic expression and a cultural space where you have the opportunity to view many national and international contemporary, graphical and sculptural art forms.

The Centre for Popular Cultures aims to rescue, promote and spread the cultural values of all the ethnic groups and popular cultures belonging to southern Sonora. Here you can view local cultural exhibitions and much more.

The modern cultural space provides excellent facilities and services for various theatrical works, musical concerts and business conventions in the city, and many important events are held here every year, which prove very popular amongst locals and many tourists that visit Ciudad Obregon.

Obregon's most visited outdoor area where tourists and visitors enjoy camping, fishing, water sports. There is also a children's recreational park popular amongst families and visitors. To get there you follow the International Highway 15 North of Obregon for 10 kilometers then turn right at ”Carretera a Rosario-Esperanza”. Follow the road for 15 Kilometers then take a right turn at a junction named “Carretera a Hornos-Buenavista”. Then follow the road for 11 Kilometers following the signs for Presa Oviachic.

Obregon Baseball (Yaquis)Baseball is the most popular followed sport in Ciudad Obregon and the stadium located in the centre of the city regularly entertains crowds of up to 12,000 people.

Fishing in Ciudad Obregon Fishing enthusiasts from as far as Europe and Australia come to fish the Oviachic water, which hosts an International annual Largemouth Bass Tournament.

Golf in Ciudad ObregonCiudad Obregon houses a privately owned professional 18-hole, 72-par golf course that is host to international competitions and is located on the 5 minutes from the North entrance to Ciudad Obregon on the Federal Highway 15.

Hunting in Ciudad ObregonCiudad Obregon is home to an area land spanning several thousands of acres reserved specifically for hunting. Hundreds of hunting enthusiasts flock to Obregon from all corners of the globe each year for deer, duck and game.

Laguna Del Nainari Day and night, Laguna Del Nainari is a very popular hotspot for tourists and local residents. Have a picnic on the bank of the lake, feed the many turtles, relax in the sun or go for a swim in our local outdoor swimming pool.

Parque Ostimuri - Family ParkA recently re-developed and reopened adventure theme park purposely built for entertaining the family which houses a several species of animals in its accompanying zoo.

Cajeme Planetarium The Cajeme Planetarium allows you to view a live projection of the night’s sky, get close up and learn about the mystical lights that brighten the heavens.

Parks and PlazasRelax, read a book or take a stroll in one of our parks or plazas. Obregon has many popular open spaces for families and visitors to take advantage of.

City MonumentsAlthough Ciudad Obregon is relatively young in terms of age, it is still packed with lots of interesting history. There are over 10 important and visually interesting monuments located in Ciudad Obregon waiting to be explored by visitors and tourists.

There are several top class universities located in Ciudad Obregon, including ITSON University, ITESCA University, all providing enrolment on to several popular courses for a moderate prices. We receive many international students from as far as England, France and Germany because of the reputation of the universities have established in providing some of the best learning environments in Mexico and diverse range of study subjects available.


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