Rocky Point Puerto Penasco

"Rocky Point Spring Break Puerto Peñasco" is a beach city in Sonora, Mexico by the shores of the Gulf of California, 70 miles south of the Arizona border.

  • Puerto Peñasco observes the same time zone as Phoenix and observes the same rules for Daylight Saving Time as Arizona
  • The border crossing at Lukeville, Arizona opens 6am to midnight, daily, whereas the crossings at Tijuana, Nogales, or Ciudad Juarez may be open 24 hours.

Spanish is the official language of México, but English is spoken by most of the vendors and in almost every restaurant in Puerto Peñasco. Earnest attempts by visitors to speak Spanish are always appreciated.

  • Aeromexico (Flights from LA to Puerto Penasco), 1-800-237-6639 in the US.
  • Rocky Point Shuttle Service - Will drive small groups in 15 passenger vans from Phoenix airport to your hotel, condo, beach house or The Mayan Palace in Rocky Point.
  • It is an easy and safe one hour drive by car from the American/Mexican border at Lukeville, Az at the south end of Organ Pipe National Monument on Arizona Highway 85. If coming from Southern California, the drive is a bit shorter by crossing south of Yuma at San Luis Rio Colorado, but this route requires more driving in Mexico and on roads that are a bit narrower than the Lukeville entry point.
  • All drivers in México are required to have Mexican auto insurance. US policies are not acceptable. Be sure to buy Mexican insurance at one of the many places along Highway 85 before you cross the border.
  • Bus shuttle bus is available from the border to Rocky Point for $25 on Motos Sonoita.

"What to do in Rocky Point"

The Links at Las Palomas Golf, Blvd. Costero 150, Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. The Links at Las Palomas is a world-class 18-hole, par 72, championship golf course that offers a classic links-style golf experience. The Links offers a club house, a fully-stocked pro shop, a restaurant, a driving range, practice greens and cart rentals. $45.
Boating, Fishing, Cruises, Santiagos Ocean Services has boats for Fishing trips, Bird Island Eco tours, Snorkeling Excursions, Dolphin and Whale watching, Dinner or Margarita Sunset Cruises, and for some real excitement they offer Parasail Rides that will give you a birds eye view of Rocky Point.
Ultralight Flying Adventures, $40 for a 15-minute flight over any part of Puerto Peñasco that you'd like to see from the air.
Dancing ih Puerto Peñasco has lots of nightlife, and there are many great places to go dancing: Manny’s Beach Club, Pink Cadillac, Baja Cantina, The Reef Club, Playa Bonita Happy Hour at Puesta Del Sol, Margarita Villa, and Bumaya for the famous Foam Party
Beaches at Puerto Peñasco has a beautiful 5-mile strip of white, sandy beach that stretches from the end of Calle 13 to "Sand Mountain" near Cholla Bay. The shallow shelf and the geography of the area create very large tides that bring the water to the sand during high tides, and expose acres of tide pools at low tide.
Off road vehicle rental shops for easy access to the sand dunes outside of town near Cholla Bay.
Health Club/ Club Playa Fitness Center, This is a great place to get a workout in while in Puerto Peñasco. Memberships available, walk-in's welcome @ $5.00 per visit.

Shopping in Rocky Point Mexico

The malecón or "beach walk" in the Old Port part of town is alive with shops that sell everything from tourist souvenirs to fine art. While in Puerto Peñasco, most visitors stay in one of the hundreds of privately owned condos that offer fully stocked kitchens. For this reason, the fish market at the malecón is a popular stop for the fresh catch of the day, especially during the shrimp season, September to March. There are also many good restaurants to be found along the malecón, some of which provide stunning sunset views of the Sea of Cortéz.

Cocodrilo, 26 National Armada Ave (also known as Calle 13), +1 52 (638) 383-6376 , Very casual drinking and dining. $8-$15
Costa Brava, Ave. Alcantar (previously on the malecón (beach walk), now close to the Friendly Dolphin), Fine dining in a white tablecoth ambiance.
Friendly Dolphin, Ave. Alcantar #44 (the main street out of the Old Port), +1 52 (638) 383-2608. S-Th 10AM-11PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM. Traditional Mexican dishes, and a very creative seafood menu. Casual dining, and appropriate for the whole family. $8-$22.
JJ's Cantina, 12 Coahuila Ave., (Cholla Bay), +1 52 (638) 383-2270, A historic, casual restaurant and bar in Cholla Bay, popular with many of the local American and Canadian ex-pats.
La Casa del Capitan, on top of "Whale Hill", The restaurant with the best view in town. Mexican and American dishes served indoors or outside on the large patio.

Perico Marinero, (in the heart of the fish market), Casual dining.
La Maria Fine Bistro & Cuisine (Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort), Blvd. Costero 150, Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico 1-866-360-2324 or +52-638-108-1000. La Maria offers refined "cocina mexicana" and world fusion dishes. A perfect place for a special evening, or just stop in for a late-night dessert.

"Rocky Point Night Life" There are many casual night clubs in town, including Manny’s Beach Club, Pink Cadillac, Baja Cantina, The Reef Club, Playa Bonita Happy Hour at Puesta Del Sol, Margarita Villa, and Bumaya (with the famous Foam Party). For a more quiet or romantic experience, try the bar at La Maria Fine Bistro & Cuisine inside the Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort.

La Maria Bar Blvd. Costero 150, Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico 83550, +52-638-108-1000 (in Mexico). Daily from 12 pm – 12 am. Indulge in a perfectly mixed martini or a fresh margarita in the cozy, intimate ambiance of La Maria or Citron Bar. Las Palomas' two bars are charming gathering spots for friends and colleagues to chat, to watch a sporting event, or enjoy a first date.

Las Palomas Golf and Seaside Resort, Blvd. Costero 150, Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico (From Arizona, take AZ-85 to Lukeville, Az. Cross the border. As you begin to enter Puerto Peñasco, turn right at the second traffic light onto the street named “Calle 26” or “No Reeleccion.” Continue straight on this street and after crossing the railroad tracks, the Las Palomas Sea Side Community’s property begins where you will exit to the left around the traffic circle. A short distance farther, the street will curve to the right. Continue straight on this street along the sand dunes to a traffic circle where exiting to the left leads to the security gate of the main entrance of Las Palomas Resort.), Toll Free USA 866-360-2324 or +52-638-108-1000.

Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort is an virtual oasis in the desert with the splendor and tranquility of a seaside resort and the charm of old Mexico. Each condominium (1BR -5BR) in this full-service resort has a stunning ocean view. Las Palomas offers fine and casual dining, "infinity" pools, swim-up bar, lazy river, room service, full spa services, wireless Internet service (WiFi) and a 18-hole PGA gold course. Golf, wedding, and honeymoon vacations are available.

Sea Side Mexico Vacations - Luxury Puerto Penasco rentals in the beachfront communities Playa Miramar, Playa Dorado, Playa La Jolla, Costa Diamante, Las Conchas, Playa Encanto, Cholla Bay, Sandy Beach, Las Palmas and El Mirador.
Sonoran Sun Resort is a luxury beachfront property with and ocean view condominiums in Rocky Point. Their are 224 units in this newly built resort. They have a full service spa, beachfront swimming pools, Jacuzzis and a restaurant.
Mexico Beach Homes Realty Network, Las Conchas, Puerto Peñasco. Offering beach front homes since 1994 for rent or sale. Homes range from Studio/Guest Houses for smaller groups to 3 or 4 or 5 bedroom homes for larger groups. La Paloma Del Mar Beach Front Estate rents for large groups/corporations/family reunions etc- up to 14 bedrooms and offers private tennis court, fitness center, kayaks, beach volleyball, free internet.


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