State of Sonora Mexico

The State of Sonora MexicoThe State of Sonora Mexico - Sonora is a northern state of extreme contrasts. In this border state, which has 568 miles of coastline along the Sea of Cortez, visitors will find all kinds of things to do.

At Guaymas Mexico, one of the main commercial ports, you’ll find marinas, golf courses, hotel resorts and excellent fishing. We recommend that you visit the San Carlos Bay and its big marina, which has the Cerro Tetakawi as a backdrop. You can also go scuba diving at an enormous artificial coral reef. A good option for ecotourism, hunting and water sport enthusiasts is Playa Miramar and the Ciudad Obregon embarcadero, which offer water skiing, sailing, canoeing and fishing.

The lagoon and dam of Nainari are also great fishing spots. In Hermosillo, the state capital, the city is known as a bustling commercial, farming and agricultural center with beautiful 19th-century architecture. Nearby you can visit Kino Bay, which has a 6 mile beach strip and excellent tourist facilities. If you’d like to see some gorgeous reefs and marine wildlife, go to Isla Tiburon’s ecological reserve.

Rocky PointRocky Point - For water sports, nothing beats the calm waters of Puerto Peñasco; the desert landscape is ideal for motocross races, and there are also various ecological development projects carried out there.

In the port’s bay lies Isla San Jorge, a natural habitat for sea lions, dolphins and the harbor porpoise.

Nearby are El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and Gran Desierto de Altar, two important nature areas that cover a territory of 1.7 million acres. There you can go hunting for desert bighorn sheep and mule deer. At these places you can also enjoy sandboarding and mountain climbing. In the south, you can visit the missions of Caborca, Atil and Pitiquito, allowing you to learn more about the region’s fascinating history and culture.


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