Visit San Carlos Mexico

Visit San Carlos MexicoVisit San Carlos Guyamas Mexico - San Carlos is placed 75 miles away from Hermosillo, the Capital of Sonora, and 242 miles from the U. S. border; by his characteristics is considered the principal tourist center of the State.

It has privileged natural attractions, impressive landscapes formed by an exceptional combination of desert, sea and mountain. This tourist destiny offers to the visitor all the necessary for a pleasant stay: diverse options of accommodations, delicious alternatives of nourishment and exciting sports activities, besides history, beautiful beaches, a blue and pleasant sea, and the prettiest sunsets.

Participating in cultural tourism means journeying into Historic Downtown Area of Guaymas. This area transports us to the past such as places like San Fernando Church, constructed in the early decades of the nineteenth century, the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Temple, 13 de Julio Plaza with is Arabic-style kiosk, Tres Presidentes Plaza which had built in memory of three Mexican Presidents who came from Guaymas: Plutarco Elías Calles, Adolfo de la Huerta and Abelardo L. Rodríguez, the Municipal Palace, constructed in 1899, Pescador Plaza with is impressive statue, an important symbol of the port, the Sonora Bank in a Neoclassical style, and the Old Public Jail from 1900.

The menus of the restaurants in Guaymas-San Carlos offer a variety of typical food of the Mexican kitchen, pasta and Italian food, delicious meats grilled with the mesquite style, bbq ribs, roasted pig, seafood cocktails and succulent Sonoran recipes that include fish soup and seafood dishes. The decoration and atmosphere is casual and the dressing code for the majority of the restaurants is informal - relax and enjoy this experience of eating.

"San Carlos New Guaymas" - San Carlos is a beachfront subdivision within the port city of Guaymas, in the northern state of Sonora in Mexico. It is noted for the exceptional clarity and warmth of the ocean water in its shallow bays. It lies on the body of water known as the Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez. Given the size of the city, with nearly 7,000 inhabitants, there is a remarkable number of RV parks, resorts and stores. There is also a very large and active diving community.

There are also many Americans and Canadians that live in San Carlos during the Winter as the Summer months are very hot. There are many opportunities to fish, dive, and relax on the beach.

San Carlos is about a 6 hour drive from the United States along Mexican interstate Highway 15. The trip from the United States requires that foreigners obtain a tourist visa, but they are no longer required to get a car permit if they are traveling by private automobile. This is only required if they travel south of Guaymas. The area where these car permits are obtained is referred to as "El 21" as it is 21 kilometers from the border or at the border itself.

The International Airport of Guaymas receives flights from Phoenix, Arizona (America West Airlines), Loreto, La Paz y Los Cabos (Aero Calafia Airlines) and from Guerrero Negro and Santa Rosalia (Servicio Guerrero Airlines).

Another option for the tourist is to flight from Hermosillo and Cd. Obregon International Airports, located 120km from our tourist destiny.

Because of its geographic location, the Guaymas airport operates only during the day, however necessary actions are being taken to receive nocturne flights without any problems.


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