What to do in Guaymas San Carlos

"What to do in San Carlos" "New Guaymas Sonora" "Mexico Ecological tourism"

San Pedro Nolasco Island - 45 away from the bay it's located the San Pedro Nolasco Island 15 km height by 3 km of width, its 200 meters over sea level, is rocky and does not possess soils. Considered sanctuary of marine wolves from California and thousands of birds which stand out the brown bobo and the pelican, it's one of the favourite places for the practice of diving and snorkelling. To explore the rich ocean with marine wolves playing around us, it is a unique experience that you can't miss.

Soldier's Estuary has a surface of 778 hectares divided between swamp zones, water and the land part is composed by sand dunes and bushes. In this case most of the water entry is salty and enters to the estuary by the mouth, being distributed in the rest of the place by the tides that come from the Gulf of California.

In routes to be considered a Natural Protected Area, this aquatic ecosystem is a refuge of hundreds of kinds of plants and animals; it’s also the only place of the northwest of the country with the three kinds of swamps that exist in the continent. The swamps have a fundamental role since they assure the sustainability of the regional fishing, due to the fact that its roots serve as places of reproduction, nursing and refuge against predators. Besides the mangrove produces verbiage which decomposes and then brings many nutrients to the soil, allowing the proliferation of some species of commercial importance like: brown and blue shrimp, clams, oysters and crabs.

Besides the estuary constitutes a place of refuge, nesting, nourishment and rest for many local and migratory birds, it is "the last mangrove oasis in the northwest of Mexico". In summer we can find about 35 species of birds in groups of 500 to 800 individuals and during the winter they have been registered near 115 species of birds in groups of up to 3,000 individuals. The birds come from diverse parts of the world as Chile, Canada, and The United States including Alaska.

The Sahuaral area is a place where we can contemplate the beauty of enormous teasels of approximately 500 years that manage to measure up to eight meters of height. To be able to estimate these giants of the Desert we must enter San Jose de Guaymas located 20 minutes of Guaymas and San Carlos.

Nacapule Canyon - An authentic tropical paradise in the middle of the desert, where the humidity concentration, protected by spectacular rocky formations, they have created an exotic ecosystem with flora and very particular fauna. Crystalline eyes of water, trees of nacapule, palms, cactus and endemic plants, are a part of what we can admire in its 6 kilometres tour to the north of San Carlos. It measures approximately one kilometre and a half of length, with walls that reach 80 meters of height.

Summer is a great time to practice this activity in San Carlos, where the main sport is fishing in witch you can easily catch: Sailfish, Dolphin, Marlin, Skijack, Yellow Tuna, Sierra and the impressive marlin. There’s another kind of fishing during this season, but its normally a winter activity, in this you can catch the next fishes: cabrilla, pinto bass, white fish and specially yellowtail, and the snapper is well known for its special large size due to the fact that it can easily reach the 40 pounds. San Carlos is definetly  the best place in the state to go fishing , with calm water, comfortable temperature, and great boat rental fees and the best attraction is: more than 800 sea species put this place as the second world leader.

New Guaymas San Carlos Sonora Activities

Mountain biking - San Carlos and his surroundings natural conditions got the attention of the amateurs and experts of this sport; and is not only for the great variety of circuits that offers, but also for his spectacular views, crowned by the majestic Sea of Cortes. Tennis - If tennis is your sport, in this destiny you can find many alternatives to practice it in hotels as in sport clubs.

Guaymas San Carlos activities also include: volleyball, horse back and yacht rides. For the people that like sport challenges there is the option to climb the famous Tetakawi Hill; it has a 400 meters height, and got paths that take you to the top, for those people that like adventure it is an excellent alternative to climb to the hill, the approximated time to get to the top is 1 hour and 30 minutes with a moderate walk, it is recommended to do this on October thru April months because it's not hot.

Guaymas San Carlos Aquatic Activities - Other activities that you can practice in the area are: kayak trips, sailboat, snorkel, Jet Ski, kite surfing, swimming, besides that you can enjoy tranquil yacht trips.

Pearl Farm - One of the most interesting visits on your visit to this destiny is the Pearl Farm, unique in the American continent, located in the Bay Bacochibampo in Guaymas city. The pearls of the Mar of Cortes are the finest of the world, thanks to its high quality and unusual colours: silver grey, opalescent grey, golden, bronze, olive green, purple, violet and black, always with varied tones: rosy, purplish, green and blue. It is said that they are the most exotic gems of the world due to two reasons: his limited annual production of five thousand pieces and his strict Quality Control. Only a few can be proud of having one of these rare gems.

Dolphinarium - Located in San Carlos New Guaymas, the Delfinario Sonora will be a first level tourist interactive spectacle and also an opportunity to help the kids with Syndrome de Down, brain paralysis and other disabilities.

A Panoramic Lookout - A Beautiful construction that offers a panoramic sight of the Sea of Cortes, from where you can appreciate stunning sunsets that offer the Sonora beaches, also you being able to observe the majesty of the Tetakawi Hill.

Tetakawi Hill - Impressive natural formation that welcome us distantly and that has been constituted as unmistakable symbol of the bay. Its steep surface of 200 meters over sea level has turned into a challenge -and simultaneously a delight- for senderismo and climbing practicants. Though the term Tetakawi means hill of stone in Yaqui language, popularly it is assigned to it the Tits of Goat.

Artificial Reefs - A 30 minutes away in boat, leaving from San Carlos towards the north, in front of Las Barajitas Canyon, with a maximum depth of 20 meters, the remains of the Albatun lie since 1992 and 1993, respectively, an old craft atunera, and to very short distance those of the former ferryboat President Díaz Ordaz. Besides being a tourist attraction, both crafts shelter colonies of different species of marine flora and fauna.

San Carlos Marinas - San Carlos has two world class marinas: Marina San Carlos and Marina Real, both with wharves and little more than 700 piers. Ship or without it you will be able to enjoy beautiful views from these areas. This bay is well known around the world for its excellent diving. Its calmed and crystal see-thru waters, its beautiful underwater views full of lights and caves make this place a great paradise for these sports lovers. Diving is one of the greatest passions of all visitors of San Carlos.  It’s calmed and crystal see-thru waters give an incredible sea world show.

Los Algodones - Knowing the fact that its name originates for the delicate texture of its dunes of white sand that make alike cottons balls, it gives us the idea of its level of attraction. The diving, sail boat, windsurfing and many activities more, are endorsed by great class services offered in the zone. The average temperature varies from 31C in the spring to 18C in the winter. The vegetation that surrounds the beach is principally desert and stand out cactáceas, sahuaros and small bushes. Its fauna is composed by aquatic birds and small ornamental birds. In vocational seasons like Holy Week and summer this beach is ideal to practice sports. Along the beach you can appreciate attractive hotels and residential developments.

San Francisco - One of the more crowded and extensive of the zone; its soft waves are perfect for all the family, boat trips, snorkel and kayaks. Adjacent hotels offer services of proven quality.

Piedras Pintas - The absence of tourist infrastructure make it very attractive for those that seek to escape to the adventure, especially for those who enjoy to practice diving and snorkelling.



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