Bahia de Kino Beach Sonora

Bahia de Kino Beach Sonora, MexicoBahia de Kino Beach hermosiilo Sonora, Mexico

Bahia de Kino is on the Sea of Cortez about 55 miles from Hermosillo in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

The coastline is a contiguous sandy beach, gravel shore and low cliffs. There are many secluded coves on the island. The interior of the island is mostly mountainous (the Sierra Menor).

Many birds nest in Bahía de Kino during the spring and summer. Birds often encountered include: Brown Booby, Blue-footed Booby, Frigate Birds, Brown Pelican, and Orioles. While it is possible to visit Isla Tiburón or Alcatraz during nesting season please be especially careful to avoid disrupting the birds.

A desert climate. Bahía de Kino is part of the Sonoran desert. Winter temperatures are nearly ideal, while summer can be deadly.

Bahia de Kino Beach Sonora, MexicoLike every city in Mexico, Bahía Kino has bus service that will take you wherever you need to go. The streets are navigable, though often unpaved, so bring your car and explore.

Bahía de Kino has a Vibrant new park in Kino Viejo where you can play pick-up soccer bring the children to a playground, or visit the travelling circus.

Seafood is the specialty here. From Ceviche to Tacos de Pescado, you wont run out of options from the sea. Try the chocolate oysters, which you can find with a snorkelling kit, or buy from street venders such as Terri in Kino Viejo.

La Palapa del Pescador, located in Kino Nuevo is your typical Mexican seafood fare. Try the Filete Seri, a large fillet of whitefish topped with crunchy sauteed vegetables. They offer several types of ceviche and tacos marlin. The restaurant is on the beach with a fantastic view of the sky-blue coast.

Jorges' is located on the tip of Kino Nuevo and has spectacular views of the ocean. Try the filete con mojo ajo, a fillet of whitefish smothered with garlic, cilantro and pimiento, or the filete encebollado.

La Placadita deep in the heart of Kino Viejo across from the park and down the street from the internet café, this little taqueria opens at 6 PM and specializes in delicious carne asada. On the menu, you will find tacos, quesadillas, and papas. The papas are baked potatoes stuffed with carne asada, onions, and melted queso blanco.


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