Driving Los Angeles to San Ysidro Tijuana Border Crossing
Driving Los Angeles to San Ysidro Tijuana Border CrossingDriving Los Angeles to San Ysidro Tijuana Border - Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 I5 or I805 lead directly to the international crossing at San Ysidro, California a community within the city limits of San Diego. To enter at the Otay crossing, leave either 5 or 805 at the exit to Route 905 and proceed to follow that highway directly to the Otay crossing.

Mexican Insurance can be purchased, either at the border or online. Daily insurance costs about $25 USD/day.

There is ample parking in San Ysidro for travellers crossing on foot. There are taxis or tourist bus service available from the large parking lot located west of the I-5 freeway. This parking lot is next to the pedestrian border crossing. From there, it's a 10 minute walk to downtown shopping & restaurants along Avenida Revolución.
Crossing The Tijuana Border
Crossing The Tijuana BorderCrossing The Tijuana Border - Tijuana is home to the world's busiest border crossing and queues to enter the U.S. can literally be hours long. However, after clearing customs and immigration formalities, Interstate 5 is a major 8-10 lane freeway to downtown San Diego, Los Angeles, and north to the Canadian border. Interstate 805 takes a more easterly route north and rejoins I-5 in the northern part of San Diego.

Two important Mexican federal highways terminate in Tijuana. Mexican Federal Highway 1 runs south through the Baja California peninsula, terminating in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. From Tijuana to Ensenada, most travelers take Highway 1-D , a four-lane, limited access toll road. Mexican Federal Highway 2 runs east for several hundred kilometers near the international border, currently as far as Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.