Learn About Timeshare Properties
Learn about Buying and Selling a Timeshare Property - A timeshare is a form of ownership or right to the use of a property, or the term used to describe such properties. Timeshare properties are typically resort condominium units, in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property, and each sharer is allotted a period of time in which they may use the property. Timeshares may be on a part-ownership or lease/"right to use" basis, in which the sharer holds no claim to ownership of the property.
Exchanging Times Shares
Details about "Exchanging Times Shares" and the "Timeshare Secondary Market"

The idea of owners exchanging their week, either independently or through exchange agencies, to stay at one of the thousands of other resorts worldwide. There are many exchange agencies, of which the two largest are Resort Condominiums International and Interval International. They have resort affiliate programs and members can only exchange to affiliate resorts. It is most common for a resort to be affiliated with only one of the larger exchange agencies, but it isn't rare to find a dual affiliate resort.
Deeded Right to Use Contracts
Comparison between "Deeded Time Contracts" versus "Right to Use Timeshare Contracts"
A major difference in types of vacation ownership is that between deeded and right to use contracts.
Types of Timeshare Usage
Fixed Week Ownership - The most basic unit is a fixed week; the resort will have a calendar enumerating the weeks roughly starting with the first calendar week of the year. An owner may own a deed to use a unit for a single specified week. For example, week 26 normally includes the 4th of July Holiday, week 51 is Christmas week. If an owner owned Week 26 at a resort he or she could use that week every year.
Types of Timeshares
Types of Timeshares - Types and sizes of accommodations tend to be apartment-style units ranging in size from studio units (with room for 2) to 3,4 bedroom units. Larger units can comfortably house large families. Units normally include fully equipped kitchens with a dining area, dishwasher, televisions, VCRs and more.