Mexico's West Coast

By Lisa Monforton - Mexico's West Coast Resorts

You might think that three popular coastal resort cities along Mexico's Pacific side Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan would compete with each other for precious tourist dollars, but you'd be wrong. Each has its own personality and appeals to tourists lured by its distinctive features.

There are dozens of reasons why repeat visitors choose their particular destination: Puerto Vallarta for its affordable all-inclusive hotels as well as the charming El Centro and family friendly Malecon; Mazatlan for its world renowned sport fishing and festivals; and Los Cabos for the beaches, marine life and celebrity-spotting. If you haven't decided where to relax your winter-weary bones, here's a snapshot of three popular resorts.

Shopping Mercados in Mexico

Shopping Mercados in Mexico"Pásele marchante, pásele" This is what vendors call out to their customers in Mexican markets as they stroll through narrow aisles crowded with all types of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, handcrafts, candies, flowers and much more. The Aztecs called them tianguis, a word in náhuatl that means mercado or market, referring to an open public market in which traders from different parts of the country met to exchange products such as jade, cotton, cocoa, cereals and precious metals.

During their rule in central Mexico, the Aztecs built the Tlatelolco market and due to its important location, it became the main mercado in mid-fifteenth century AD. Other specialized markets were created as well and could be found in different cities that are now neighborhoods, for example the salt market located in Atenantitlán or the slaves market located in Azcapotzalco and Izocan.

Mexico Great Coral Reefs
About the Mexico Great Coral Reefs - If you travel far into space and look back to the Earth, the only living structures you will distinguish are the coral reefs: wondrous colors such as greens, blues, yellows, and reds painted on the globe. These are the rainforests of the sea, the largest living structures on the planet due to the vast amount of species they harbor.
Visit Puebla Mexico
Visit Puebla Mexico - Founded by the Spaniards as “Puebla of Angels”, Puebla offers great tourism attractions such as breath-taking centuries-old buildings that reflect a fusion of Aztec and Spanish architecture as well as incomparable gastronomy that can captivate everyone’s taste.