Visit Puebla Mexico
Visit Puebla Mexico - Founded by the Spaniards as “Puebla of Angels”, Puebla offers great tourism attractions such as breath-taking centuries-old buildings that reflect a fusion of Aztec and Spanish architecture as well as incomparable gastronomy that can captivate everyone’s taste.

Visit Puebla MexicoAmong the most famous dishes that Puebla offers, we can find mole (chili-cocoa sauce), chiles en nogada (meat-stuffed chili with sweet pecan sauce) and a wide variety of traditional milk candies.

Puebla also gave birth to the traditional Talavera pottery. Glazed white pottery with intricate enamel-painted designs of Arabic origin, Talavera ceramic is considered an artistic icon of the city.

Legend says that immediately after the Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes defeated the Aztec village of Cholula (pronounced chow’lu’la), he wrote a letter to the Spanish King, Charles V, where he figuratively stated that from where he stood while writing the letter, he “could see as many temples (pyramids) as the year had days”. Still today, some people say that the city of Cholula has 365 temples and churches. The fact is that there are only 49 temples but all of them are magnificent architectural gems.

The baroque art that is spread through all Pueblan cities makes Puebla one of the most interesting artistic destinations in Mexico. Pueblan art is characterized by ornate churches, paintings and sculptures that evocate a fervent dominant Catholic era in which the Spaniards imposed their religion on the Aztecs through artworks and craftsmanship.

Puebla is also the birth place of the Mexican celebration well-known by Americans, Cinco de Mayo. It was in the city of Puebla that Mexicans successfully defeated French invaders during a battle that took place on the 5th of May, 1862.

Due to its cultural richness and legacy, Puebla was recognized by UNESCO in 1987 as a World Heritage Site. Puebla is the heart of the Spanish-Mexico colonization and thus the beginning of a new world.
You may learn more about this and other marvelous Mexican destinations by visiting.

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